A whole range of imprinting and decorating services, including hot stamping, silk screening, pad printing, and digital printing are available to customize your product package. Experienced decorating specialists will work closely with you to determine the best method of imprinting for your project. Whether it be one or four colors, we can create the package to successfully market your product.

Imprint Colors

We offer a choice of 15 standard foil colors, including metallic gold and silver for imprinting and a choice of over 20 standard ink colors.

imprint colors - large

Foam Inserts

We cut foam inserts to fit all our plastic boxes and offer them in blue, red and charcoal. We also cut black conductive and pink antistatic foam for our ESD boxes. See below for more information about foam for static sensitive parts.

custom foam inserts

We also offer custom cut flockboard inserts with or without pinholes for securing products inside. Flockboard is available in red, blue and black.

flockboard inserts

Stat-Tech Foam

Stat -Tech ™ foam is recommended to provide static sensitive electronic components with added protection from electrostatic discharge and cushioning protection from physical mishandling in shipping and storing.

Stat -Tech ™ offers 3 types of foam for use in conjunction with its Lemcen containers: pink static dissipative foam; conductive foam and crosslinked conductive foam. All are non-corrosive. It is available in 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" thickness, sized to fit your selected Lemcen container, and can be additionally custom die-cut to securely nest your product.

Stat -Tech ™ conductive foams are available in other thicknesses on a special order basis and optionally in full sheets. Stat -Tech ™ static dissipative foam is available in full rolls.

Stat-Tech foam inserts

Crosslinked Conductive Foam

Stat -Tech ™ crosslinked foams are blown using nitrogen gas rendering them C.F.C. free and H.C.F.C. free malting them the cleanest conductive foams available today. Their purity and non-sloughing characteristics give Stat -Tech ™ crosslinked conductive foams a leading position in the electronics industry.

Stat -Tech ™ conductive crosslinked polyethylene foam is available in a high density, product #941 and in a medium density, product #956. Both foams are non-corrosive, closed cell foams specifically engineered for use in the electronics industry. The materials are especially suitable for the protection of static sensitive devices and assemblies. Typical applications are for shunting of components leads and PCB edge components.

Stat -Tech ™ #941 high density crosslinked foam is recommended for all standard leads.

Stat -Tech ™ #956 medium density crosslinked foam is recommended for delicate leads.

Conductive Foam

Stat -Tech ™ #931 low density polyurethane conductive foam is primarily used as a cushioning material to protect static sensitive electronic components from vibration or physical shocks during handling and storage. It is non-corrosive, solvent resistant and has an indefinite shelf life. It's static control properties operate independently of humidity conditions.

Static Dissipative Foam

Stat -Tech ™ static dissipative foam, product #936 foam is manufactured in the traditional pink color long associated with ESD protection. It becomes static dissipative through the incorporation of an internal additive. The additive continually migrates to the surface of the foam Forming an anti-static layer that dissipates stray electronic charges and repels dust. Even after washing, the additive will migrate to the surface. The static dissipative properties will last through the normal life of the foam.

Stat -Tech ™ #936 static dissipative foam is characterized by a consistent cell size, uniform thickness and durability.