What material are the plastic boxes made from?

All of Gary Plastic Packaging boxes are made from polystyrene, which is a rigid crystal clear plastic. The boxes are not soft or flexible.

Can food be safely stored in your plastic boxes?

Yes. The material our boxes are made of has been approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

What can I do to protect my collectibles?

Gary Plastic Packaging's Omni collection is ideally suited for protecting your collectibles. An Omni box helps ensure that the beauty and worth of your collectibles will be preserved over the years.

What color is the standard plastic box?

Our standard plastic boxes are crystal clear, with no cloudiness, so your products can be clearly seen through the box. We also make many sizes in black as well.

Can my logo be printed on your boxes?

Absolutely. Gary Plastic Packaging offers one to four color imprinting on all our plastic boxes.

Decorating & Imprinting: A whole range of imprinting and decorating services, including hot stamping, silk screening, and pad printing are available to customize your product package. Experienced decorating specialists will work closely with you to determine the best method for printing on the plastic boxes. Whether it be one or four colors, we can create the package to successfully market your product.

Imprinting Colors: We offer a choice of 15 standard foil colors, including metallic gold and silver, for imprinting and a choice of over 20 standard ink colors.

Custom Packaging, Custom Design: Gary Plastic Packaging has an in-house design and engineering staff, with a fully equipped studio, available to work with you on your custom package or product.

I want my product to fit snugly in the packaging. What do you have to offer?

Gary Plastic Packaging offers custom-made foam inserts that are specially tailored to meet your needs. Foam inserts are a great way to create custom packaging.

Inserts: Utilizing inserts, an Omni plastic box can be customized for any product. Foam, flocked or thermoformed inserts are available in a wide selection of colors and can easily be die cut to securely hold your product. Additionally, the box can be inverted and the insert can serve as a platform to display your product. Inserts are an inexpensive means of creating a unique custom package.

Custom Projects: Gary Plastic Packaging encourages and provides its customers with a facility to design and produce custom molded products. Our design and engineering staff will work within your budget to produce cost effective tooling, meeting your production and design requirements. We can assist you with product design, prototype models, and sample prototype tooling, made in-house with the latest computer-assisted tooling. Full production molds can be created in our own shop, or sourced from domestic or international tool makers.

Static Sensitive Packaging: For information on protective packaging for static sensitive products, contact us.

I need to package sensitive electronic equipment.

We suggest you view our Stat-Tech category, which features anti-static, conductive rigid protective packaging especially designed for packaging electronics.

Liability Limitation: In the event of a defect in material or workmanship, Gary Plastic Packaging will replace the goods, F.O.B. point of shipment or refund the purchase price for the merchandise at GPPC sole discretion, provided that a written claim is received within 15 days from the shipment date. Gary Plastic Packaging liability shall not in any event exceed the cost of furnishing a replacement for the defective product.