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Plastic Boxes - Additional Services


Utilizing inserts, an Omni plastic box can be customized for any product. Foam, flocked or thermoformed inserts are available in a wide selection of colors and can easily be die cut to securely hold your product. Additionally, the box can be inverted and the insert can serve as a platform to display your product. Inserts are an inexpensive means of creating a unique custom package.

Custom Projects

Gary Plastic Packaging encourages and provides its customers with a facility to design and produce custom molded products. Our design and engineering staff will work within your budget to produce cost effective tooling, meeting your production and design requirements. We can assist you with product design, prototype models, and sample prototype tooling, made in-house with the latest computer-assisted tooling. Full production molds can be created in our own shop, or sourced from domestic or international tool makers.

Static Sensitive Packaging

For information on protective packaging for static sensitive products, please visit our Stat-Tech web site. 

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